Journalists of three Ukrainian TV channels held action of solidarity against censorship live

112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV channels are holding a rally of solidarity against censorship - three TV channels go off air for 30 minutes
09:31, 2 October 2019

112 Ukraine TV channel
112 Agency

Journalists of the 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV channels held a rally of solidarity against censorship. Three TV channels go off air for 30 minutes.

The move is an answer to the Ukrainian authorities and their attempts to oppress freedom of speech in Ukraine.

112 Ukraine TV Channel has been deprived of digital licenses, which led to a decrease of viewers by 40%. The TV channel considers the decision of the National Council on TV and Radio Broadcasting an illegal one and accuses the regulator of executing the order by the authorities.

"Authorities want to shut mouths to everyone who says something that they don’t like. But despite all attempts, they won't manage to do that with independent media. We will fight and we will fight until we win, which we sincerely believe. Sooner or later, speech in Ukraine will again become free,” Artem Marchevsky said, General Producer of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“We don’t want to be silent, and even these 30 minutes of silence are difficult for us. The world does not stop around, and our task as highly professional journalists is to cover events in real-time. But apart from that we want to say, openly and honestly, there are millions of people who want to listen to us. And if the authorities deprive them of such an opportunity, then today it will be 30 minutes of shame for the National Council. Half an hour of shame for the officials who cover up this National Council. And after that, we will go back on air and will sound even louder because it is our job and our responsibility to the free-thinking population of Ukraine", - Yehor Benkendorf, General Director of 112 Ukraine TV Channel, said.

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112 Agency

Online news outlet together with its English-language page joined the flashmob.

112 Agency

112 Agency

As we reported earlier, on September 26 the National council on questions of television and radio broadcasting deprived TV channel "112 Ukraine" of digital licenses for broadcasting.

The channel continues to broadcast and is available to its viewers on satellite, cable and the Internet.

The decision of the National Council has already been condemned in the European Parliament, who promised to pass this information to European officials.

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